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Why MemoryVilla Needed To Find The Best Animal Attack Lawyer in Chicago?

Our craft jewelry shop is known as one of the most innovative shops in this area of Chicago. This recognition is in part due to the efforts of our designers like Jack. Jack is one of the five designers at our jewelry shop. He has come up with many new designs for our shop and many customers like his designs and keep coming back for his designs. Recently, Jack had to go on a long leave when he was attacked by a pack of pit bulls while walking home.

We talked to his father who shared with us the whole story. Jack is not in a condition to speak and will require surgery and remain in hospital for a few weeks.

Jack was walking home after finishing work in the evening. He walks to his home every evening and today was no different. There is a house in the lane through which Jack has to go through to reach his home. The homeowner has a total of six pit bulls. Jack had heard these dogs barking earlier also but he was used to them barking every time he passed the house. Many of the neighbors also said that they had never seen or heard these dogs attack someone.

When Jack was walking through the lane that evening, suddenly that pack of pit bulls appeared out of nowhere and pounced on him. The pit bulls were very vicious and started biting on his face and arms and legs. The dog owner also came outside after hearing the commotion but was not able to hold the pack back. There were a total of six dogs in the pack and the dog owner was able to hold only two of them back.

Many of the passers-by ran over with whatever they could to try and scare the pit bulls away but overall, the dog attack lasted for a good 10 to 20 min before the last pit bull went away. 

Fortunately, Jack's father was also passing by at that time and he also ran toward the dog bit victim to help. Only when he reached the victim, he realized that the victim was his own son. He grabbed a brick lying nearby and hit one of the dogs who ran away. There were a few people who stopped their cars and came out with baseball bats and other things to hit the dogs with. One of the good samaritans also came with a bottle from his car to scare the dogs away.

Jack's father says that his son is going to need surgery as he suffered over 40 bites to his legs, arms, and face.

We later learned that the owner had been issueanimald a number of tickets for not having licenses for the dog and for failure to keep the dogs under restraint. On that day, the dogs were not under restraint and managed to push the gate open and attack Jack. 

Later, a spokesperson of the Chicago lawyers care and control said that all of the dogs had been impounded as a result of the investigation and were going to be held as long as needed.

Fortunately, Jack has survived and will be back on the job after a few months but he needs medical care and extensive surgery and that is going to cost a lot.

None of the employees in our jewellery shop had any earlier experience of any kind of animal attack or dog bite. Therefore, we shared the story with some of our customers and quite a few of them suggested us to hire a Chicago animal attack lawyer to get adequate compensation for treatment of Jack.

We had heard about the animal attack lawyers earlier but had never needed to use the services of one. Therefore, we started searching online about animal attack lawyers in Chicago. We came to know about the Animal Control Act.

In Illinois, dog attack victims have been granted certain rights under the Animal Control Act. Under this act, the owner of the animal becomes liable for the injury unless there has been any kind of provocation by the victim. (See:

Also, under this act, the victim may be entitled to lost wages, disability, damages for pain and suffering, disfigurement, medical expenses and future medical expenses.

Some of the friends of Jack and all of the employees at our shop researched a lot to hire the best Chicago animal attack lawyer and help him get adequate compensation from either the pet insurance company or the dog owner.

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